About Us


Who we are? 

Unitas is a new generation information technologies and consultancy firm that draws its strength from its consultants with expertise in different fields and its technical staff who have knowledge of current technologies. Our contemporary holistic consultancy approach requires providing a consultancy service from A to Z to our clients in different sectors. With this understanding, we provide quality and correct service to our clients from different sectors and fields.

Today, how to use that information is as important as reaching the information correctly. Our company not only provides its clients with the support they need, but also helps them use this information.


Why you should choose Unitas?


Holistic Approach

As Unitas, we handle the needs of our customers with a holistic approach. With our new generation consultancy approach and people with expertise in different branches, we evaluate the issue from A to Z and offer special solutions to our customers. We contribute to the sustainable growth targets of businesses with our integrated consultancy and information technology service.


Expertise in the Field

Unitas takes its power from its experts. We manage the process on your behalf with our consultants who have expertise and experience in different fields that have full knowledge of the legislation and the process. We meet your needs related to information technologies with our team who has knowledge of current technologies.


Right Consultancy

As Unitas, we analyze the current situation of the enterprise or investor correctly, determine the right strategy according to the analysis result and provide the correct information flow and guidance.

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